Saturday, May 16, 2009

Devri's graduation

We had a busy week this week as Devri graduated from Carl Junction High School on Thursday. Mom was watching me get dressed and noticed the corsage the kids had bought me for Mother's Day sitting on the bathroom counter. She held it up to her own shirt, and I agreed, it looked quite nice. So I pinned it on her. She is the grandmother and she deserved it. Reduce, reuse, recycle, right? The ceremony was held in the MSSU gymnasium and Mom did very well going up the stairs to her seat. She clapped appropriately, (with a three second delay), but who cares, and she was very attentive, constantly scanning the crowd intently, no doubt looking for someone she knew. After about three speeches, we were all holding our heads in our hands, praying to God for mercy. Mom decided it was time to leave, and believe me, I jumped at the chance to take a stroll. So we took a little tour around the building and returned to the gym when names began to be announced. I'm confident we didn't miss a thing. It meant a lot to Devri that Grandma and Grandpa could both be there to see her graduate. Dad took the photo on the right--his first with a digital camera, and we were all very impressed that he got all us girls in it.....pretty much. :) He had a hard time understanding that he didn't have to put his eye up to any little box to look through, but once he figured that out, he clicked with confidence.

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