Sunday, June 7, 2009

honeysuckle etc.

Nothing new to report, particularly, except that the honeysuckle is blooming and you see Mom standing in front of it in her new size 16 clothes. Yes, she's losing a little weight, but not to worry, it's certainly not from lack of appetite! It's easy to pick nutritious food for someone else to eat, and then consume fast food ourselves! Not to say that she's sugar/junk food deprived....I took her to Sonic for sundaes last week and we had M&M's last night. But on a daily basis, Christine runs a tight ship, as Dad says, and things like pop, (which Mom used to drink a whole lot of), have been cut from the drink menu, (if Christine finds it.) Really, I think if she were thinking clearly, she would be quite pleased with her more healthy self. And of course, she's getting plenty of exercise....always on the go.

Last night we (Mom, Dad, and I), went to see Devri perform in "Beauty and the Beast." It was a ballet and Devri was proud to have her name all by herself for the first time instead of under the heading, "trees," or "snowflakes." She actually had a character with a name! Her character was Selfish, a sister of Beauty from the original writing, and she was all that. All through the ballet Mom pointed to Devri's name in the program. I continued to point her out as the girl with the black hair, but wasn't really sure she could recognize her. I added this photo to show how different Devri looked. Of course, my battery was dead on the camera when Mom and Dad went, so I didn't get a photo of them together. After the performance, when the dancers came out to greet the public, Devri headed right for Grandma. It took a bit, but when she got within three feet, Mom's face lit up like the Fourth of July---the eyebrows went up, the mouth opened in silent exclamation, and she wrapped Devri up in her arms in a tight squeeze. I can only describe it as "joyful exuberance," like finding the Hope Diamond in a box of Crackerjacks. Speaking or not, there was absolutely no doubt that Grandma remains Devri's most dedicated and adoring fan. For a split second there, she was herself again was a flashback that brought Devri tears, and me a memory to play again and again in my mind, so I never forget what a wonderful moment it was!!

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