Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas!

My kids would have it no other way than to spend the night at Mom and Dad's house to celebrate Christmas morning together. And they said there would be a tree. Of course, Dad said, "I'm not putting up no damned tree," and of course, he lost--kind of. Christmas Eve Eve Christine brought home a potted plant that looked quite like a Christmas tree, and the kids decked it out. Eric, Dev, and I packed our bags, (and our turkey, and our stuffing, and, and, and) like we were off for a big Christmas journey to visit our relatives. Forty minutes later we arrived.

We've pared down Christmas a lot in the last several years, mostly so Dad won't stress out over it. Gifts are completely optional and generally very practical. When Mom was doing things, Christmas-time was a major "to do," but not anymore. We still enjoy it, though.The kids gave Mom three of her favorite things....a new hat, chocolate pudding cups, and a card that sang, "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" every time she opened it. Dad got a corresponding gift of decorative cotton balls with bows on them, to wear in his ears when she opens the card 1,000 times/day. haha Also, Christine bought Dad a new watch. When he was trying to set his old watch for daylight savings time this fall, he broke the stem off and could not reset it. So, he took the new watch and put it on his right wrist, leaving the old one on his left. He said in the spring he'll look at his right arm and in the fall, he'll look left to tell the time. Snort! I bought him new socks and underwear---try to do this every twenty years or so. He said, "I've been thinking about buying some of those....." He's been thinking about it for over ten years, no doubt.

We all enjoyed watching the kids open their stockings with the little presents and candy packed in tight, and it was done---perfect. I fixed the standard fare of turkey, hot rolls, dressing, etc, and it was a warm, cozy, and easy-going day we shared.

Mom is having more trouble eating and we no longer take her out to eat because it gets pretty messy. The biggest problem is she eats with her hands and will not leave the food in her mouth. The food is in and out and in and out, and not for the faint of stomach. We can deal with it, but we save the general population the experience! But, on the bright side, she is not choking!

I don't know if this will be the last Christmas with Mom, but if it is, it was a very fine one and I wouldn't have changed anything. We laughed a lot and Mom let go of her dead-pan stare and laughed along with us for the moment. It's always so sweet when she does that.

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