Thursday, June 17, 2010


I've mentioned that Mom isn't eating, but I haven't blogged how much weight she has lost. She is at 143 right now, (that's a 50 pound loss plus a little.) I originally thought this was the beginning of the end because if she refuses food, that's just the way it is. Then yesterday when I saw her she downed a Jr. Whopper, an egg, a piece of sausage, a biscuit, a glass of milk, a few handfuls of animal crackers, and a container of pudding, so who knows? Maybe she's changed her mind about the not eating thing. ?? She hasn't lost any weight for the past two weeks.

Eric stayed with her on Wednesday while Dad was working in the field. He fed Mom pudding, washed the dishes, and generally hung out. He didn't have long to watch Mom, however, because a sudden rain storm chased Dad out of the field after only a couple of hours.

I'll blog if something changes and Mom starts losing weight again. I have started going down there nearly every day because it is hay season and Dad needs the help. For people who are used to seeing Mom's usual "buxom" self, it's rather a shock. She looks very old and so much thinner these days. But, what can you expect, really? She still gives nice hugs. Too bad she can't see how much weight she has lost---she's been wanting to lose weight for years!

I will say that Christine, my daughter who stays with Mom and Dad, and who is on a one month hiatus in Costa Rica, has gained weight and color and is looking great! I'm glad she is getting a break, (she and her sister), and is having a good time. Care-giving is hard work!

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Andrea said...

I can't tell you how many times I have started to write to tell you how great it is that you are writing this. I did not know that Doris was sick until someone told me about your blog. I have been reading for over a year.
I will always remember her teaching. A good chunk of what I know about being a teacher is because I knew your mom. She will continue to have a place in my heart!