Monday, May 9, 2011

Uneventful Event

Love this photo Christine took---not only does it symbolize the fading of my mother's awareness of this world, but behind her head is a photo of Christine, with an insert of myself, both wearing the same baby dress,and both wearing Mom's heart-shaped locket. Mom took Christine to get this photo done, (and the photo of me.)
As stated, it was indeed an uneventful event, giving her the flower planted in her honor in my Memorial Garden. She pushed the vase to the middle of the table, then pulled it toward herself, back and forth, again and again....did not attempt to smell them or anything.

I had dreaded the moment for days, but I shouldn't have. She was not affected, I don't think, by the flower and I know that I only cry for myself, and not for her.

When we hear of the passing of an older person, how relieved and "glad" we are when we know the person "died peacefully in his/her sleep." I am comforted that although I do not know how I, myself, will die or other people I care about----(there are thousands of awful ways---cancer, body-crushing accidents, liver disease, violence.) I am comforted when I see my Mom, knowing that she is blessed not to have to edure any of these things. She will, and has already begun now, to "die peacefully in her sleep." The Lord appears to have allowed her to circumvent the whole, "walking through the valley of the shadow of death" thing and has already led her to green pastures and still waters. May you be at peace, Momma---I love you.

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