Thursday, September 29, 2011

What happens on the farm.

Dad called just tonight to say that Mom was holding her head at a tilt all the sudden, unable to keep it straight and the nurse said this is a sign of real decline. He said, "Calves, dogs, and cats do that, too, when they get ready to die." So, we interpret her condition by what we have seen in the pasture, and most generally, it's a pretty good reference.

I posted on Facebook that now is the time to come see Mom if you want to do so on this side of life. It still could be a while. Or it couldn't. I guess if death could be that predictable we'd all die early of worry. I'm still going to work every day so far. Devri is so sad to be in Florida for this whole time, but I told her she brings a lot of happiness to her Grandpa by doing her thing, living a happy life, and on occasion, being Peter Pan. It is a ray of hope for Dad, but still....she is pretty sad right now. Our imaginations are always worse then our realities. I post a photo of Devri as Peter Pan at Disney, so you can see what makes her Grandpa smile so much. :)

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