Friday, October 17, 2008

funeral visitation/mom's birthday

Allen thought maybe a blog would be good for people who wonder how Mom is doing more on a daily basis. So, I'll try to post regularly the good, the bad and the odd. We're doing ok, I think. It is nice to have Mom still here to hug and kiss and just be with. One time I was getting ready to leave and she picked a flower for me from the bouquet on the kitchen table and gave it to me. That was nice.

I have started going to Mom and Dad's every Saturday. I try to be there in the morning when I can and I stay until evening. This gives Christine time to go work for Janice and gives opportunity for Dad to do a few things that are difficult when he has to watch Mom at the same time. I keep Mom busy doing laundry and cooking with me, and vacuuming. Her favorite games is "unplug the vacuum cleaner." I begin to vacuum and she unplugs me, gives me an ornery look, and laughs. I shake my finger at her, plug myself in again, and in just a few seconds she does it again with the same response. It's our little joke.

I saw Mom and Dad last night, actually, at a funeral visitation for a neighbor. Mom smiled and appeared happy to be in a social setting. She looked very nice in black slacks and matching blouse, (10 points for Dad.) I asked her if she knew who I was standing with and she smiled and said, "Lynnette...Stokes" which was pretty impressive to remember my best friend's married name. I asked if she saw anyone else she knew and she said, "No." But she was all smiles and looked very pretty. She did sign her name in the book very clearly as "Cookie Major," for some reason. Dad said it was because she majors in cookies. It didn't really matter. The visitation was for a man who also had Alzheimer's and the family could no doubt relate. Dad marked that out, though, and signed her real name.

Tonight we will all go to see Devri perform in her vocal recital in Joplin. Mom always enjoys that, of course. She heard Devri perform a couple weeks ago when Devri won the "Pittsburg Idol" competition. As soon as Devri got off the stage from picking up her award, Mom grabbed her by the hand and headed towards the car. She was ready to go home and she was taking Devri with her!

Last week, on Mom's birthday, we made a cake and sang and blew out candles. I bought her some new jeans and tops and pajamas. She looked quite nice even without make-up, and seemed pleased with her new jeans. We were trying to get the camera ready and told her to "hang on" before she opened presents. She completely ignored us. She knew the presents were hers and she was going to open them immediately! When I asked her how old she was on her birthday she correctly said "69." I noticed she had received some birthday cards. I held one up and said, "Who sent you this birthday card?" She answered correctly, "Mama." I put her cards in the bay window so she could see them every day.

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