Thursday, February 5, 2009

visit from Allen

Allen and Liesel were down last weekend and got to see the new dog and the new locks for the first time. They only heard Mom say one word from Thursday through Saturday afternoon. When Patrick and Devri came to visit, she repeated his "How are you?" but Allen was in the other room and missed it. Mom likes Patrick and gives him random hugs when it suits her. She walked around and around the circle of the house many times, and patted Patrick on the head each time. She ignored the rest of us. She's bad about playing favorites! Each time she placed her hand on his head, she smiled. Patrick is a good sport. His grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer's about the same time Mom was, but his disease has progressed much more slowly.

Mom chopped up bananas with a butter knife to put in a fruit salad. We're always looking for things she can do successfully and without injury. All my kids were able to come to dinner with us, and Liesel made an excellent peach/blueberry pie for dessert. It was one of those "freezer's choice" pies---whatever comes out of the freezer is what goes in the pie. Anyway, it's an idea worth patenting! It was a great dinner with 'lots of quick quips and laughter.

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