Tuesday, February 24, 2009

for the love of pumpkin butter

Miss Jessie (Mom's niece) came to Lottie's house this weekend on her way to visit her parents, Keith and Donna, (Mom's brother and wife) in Ohio. I'm not sure I'd seen her since her wedding, but she sure doesn't look like an "old married woman!" She looks just great! Janice fixed an awesome shepherd's pie at Lotties, Mom and Dad came to eat, and Chad and I dropped in as well. Mom wasn't speaking, but she was smiling and ate plenty. She took a special liking to the pumpkin butter Janice had laid out, and probably would have eaten it to the bottom of the bowl if she had had another sheet of biscuits!

While there, Lottie gave Mom her large photo collage, that she made for each of her children. Mom carried it carefully and wanted it put up immediately when we got home. She also had one of her wedding photos from Lottie's house that she carried around awhile and then tucked in the edge of the frame. We put it in the living room and Mom seemed content with that. While looking through photos at Lottie's, Chad pointed to a couple people and asked, "Who is this?" Correctly, she answered "Grandpa" to one and "Merl Dean" to the another.

I was kicking myself because I forgot to take a photo for the blog last week when Mary came and this week when Jessie was here. I'll have to keep the blog more in my mind!

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