Sunday, March 8, 2009

the grandchildren's row

Since time began, the rule at our house, (Mom and Dad's house), has always been don't pick the flowers! Then came the grandchildren. As a compromise, Mom planted a long row of jonquils in the very back of the garden where blossoms would not be missed and dubbed it "the grandchildren's row." The grandchildren were allowed to pick this row to their heart's content and have spent many happy springtimes in this area. Well, the grandchildren's "row" is more like a "swath" now and it's in full bloom. Also, to Dad's delight, the onions sets are poking themselves up, the apricot tree is blooming, and he and Christine have been working on a new and improved flowerbed.

Mom's favorite spot lately is the picture window on the east side where she props her feet up and has a nice view of whatever is budding outside, the dogs playing, or company coming down the drive. The rocking chair of choice is the one that Dad bought her when I was born. It has been back and forth between houses through new babies, moves, and whatever else happened to be going on at the time, and has finally found itself back at home for her. Mom is well and comfortable and able to get out and about quite a lot with the warm weather. So, all things considered, life is good!

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