Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Mom enjoyed seeing Devri dance in "Cinderella" last weekend. Unfortunately, there were two 10 minute intermissions and although I did walk with her each time, there is always a time of two or three minutes before the curtain opens and it was very difficult for her to stay seated during this time. She did point her out in the program as usual and looked over at Dad now and again with a big smile as if to say, "Did you see that? Isn't she great?" When it was over, it was over, though and she made a bee-line for the car. I began to think, "Hmmm.....I don't know how much longer I can manage her during performances....she wants to wander so much." But I have an idea of how to solve this problem. When she can no longer sit through a performance, we'll simply attend the dress rehearsal the evening before where she can watch and walk around at her leisure. And we'll pack some M&M's, too. I should have thought of this before!!

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