Sunday, November 15, 2009

the quilt blocks

(Photo #1 Mom brought a book of old postcards out of who-knows-where to show me. Photo #2 Dad surveys his kingdom.) Rummaging through bag after bag of fabric in the laundry room today, I happened across two sets of quilt blocks, many of them already sewn together. I knew that in past days Mom had worked on quilts with both my daughters and my two nieces, Liesel and Molly. It was a mystery to me just who these quilt tops belonged to, but so much work had gone into them already, I knew they needed to be done. I figured they were Liesel and Molly's because living so far away, they haven't had as much time to work with Mom as my girls. I asked Mom, "Whose are these?" and of course, was met with a stare. Then I had a thought. I wrote the names "Christine," "Devri," "Liesel," and "Molly," on a piece of paper and said, "Mom, can you point to the name of who these quilt tops belong to?"
She quickly nodded, "Yes."

I held one up. "What about this green one with the butterflies?" I asked.
She quickly pointed to "Christine."

Next I said, "Ok, what about this blue one with the pink swirley deals?"

Again, without hesitation, she pointed to, "Devri," and smiled.

I really had no idea if she really knew what she was doing, but I called Christine and said, "I found some unfinished quilt tops in the sewing room you know anything about them?"

"Oh, yeah," she answered, "The butterfly one is mine and the pink and blue one is Devri's."

BINGO- Mom was right. Made my day. I gave her 'lots of kisses.

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