Saturday, October 24, 2009

70th birthday

Mom's 70th birthday was on October 11th. I was down that Saturday before to bring a present and wish her well and I also took Mom to a benefit for a student she had taught, (also my classmate.) She smiled a lot and saw a few people she recognized. When we returned home Mariko, who she went to Japan with years ago, had come bearing gifts and well wishes. Before I left, Carla and her family came with an apple pie that I deem "restaurant quality" to be sure, so I was happy for Mom to receive all the attention.

On Sunday Allen was down and my kids with two boyfriends in tow spent the day making cake and blowing up balloons. Mom enjoyed tossing her balloons back and forth with the kids. I don't think her reflexes are quick enough to play catch with a ball, but balloons she is quite good with and appears to enjoy them.

The next time I went down there it wasn't too long before Mom came out of the bedroom with one of her left-over birthday balloons to play catch. Ah, the simple pleasures!! Balloons have to be one of the best inventions of all times. Dad was not happy, though. He said, "All those birthday cards she got, she just ripped them to shreds!" I could tell he was irritated. I said, "Dad, people sent her cards so she would enjoy them. She enjoyed ripping them apart, so that's exactly what she should have done. Nobody cares 'how' she enjoyed them, they just wanted them to make her happy---and that they did. They accomplished their purpose." He smirked, rather unconvinced, but let it go at that. Poor Daddy. Mom is making him crazy....he's so cranky these days.

Hopefully, Allen will get a photo to me of Mom tossing balloons. Then I'll put it on the blog so you all can see.

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