Saturday, October 24, 2009

Taking Aim

Build-A-Bear is putting toys in Happy Meals these days---a little stuffed animal with a shirt that comes on and off. When I go to my night class on Mondays, I pick one up for Mom and she appears to enjoy her little collection, sitting them all up straight in a chair facing her. She takes their shirts on and off again and again. It takes quite a bit of fine motor skill to do this and it takes her a very long time to do, but she doesn't appear frustrated, just keeps working and working on it to get the shirt over the head and the arms in the sleeves. It makes me crazy to watch her because I get frustrated---so tempted just to take it from her and do it myself, but I know that getting bears dressed and undressed is really not the's the practice using her hands and fingers whose use appears to be deteriorating more each time I see her.

Anyway, I was sitting at the table watching the football game and she was sitting with her little animals, situating them just so on a chair, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a pink monkey in a T-shirt sailing straight toward my head. I turned to see her smiling at me, waiting for a reaction. I said, "I guess I'm not paying enough attention to you, is that it?" She laughed. I shook my head and gave her a smirk, tossed the monkey back, and turned back to my game. A minute or two passed and again, (this time a polka-dotted cat) came flying at me. I turned to see her same hesitation, waiting for my response. I said, "Mom, you are such a you know that?" She laughed some more and I pelted her with the cat in return. So, you must know that although her communication skills are limited, her aim is quite good. The lesson learned is that even though Mom isn't talking, she still wants to receive her fair share of attention. I'm thinking I'd better watch my back for the day she decides to pick up a brick and send it sailing!

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