Saturday, October 24, 2009

Devri's first college concert

Christine drove Mom and Dad up for Devri's college debut this Thursday. I was amazed to hear the difference in sound between her high school choirs and college---it was beautiful! Mom was attentive during the entire performance, clapping appropriately, and pointed to Devri's name in the program.

When Eric came up to say hello, however, her mind was occupied with what people were doing in front of her and she did not see him. He said, "Hi, Grandma....Grandma....Grandma, over here....." then looked at me baffled as to what to do. He was standing only a step ahead of her, just off one shoulder, but still she did not turn. He waved in front of her face even, and received no response. I said, "Stand right in front of her." So he took one step left and repeated, "Hi, Grandma." She focused on him in surprise as if saying, "Eric! Where did you come from?!" She gave a hug and was happy to see him, but it was rather odd that she did not appear to see or hear him until he stood right in front of her eyes.

It was a beautiful concert as I said and I'm sure she enjoyed it. Each time I take her somewhere I think, "Wow. Mom is absolutely, undeniably qualified to be in a nursing center, but instead, I get to take her with me wherever I want. That is just so great!" We are incredibly fortunate!

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