Monday, November 24, 2008

lunch at the museum

Last week Christine had her end of semester show at the museum where she had a display of an 1890's dress she had restored and set up in a scene. Mom and Dad came up for the event, and I took an extra long lunch period to zip over to Joplin, too. Mom walked around and checked out the various displays and appeared interested. I asked if she liked Christine's and she nodded firmly and said, "Yeah." Then we sat down to the tables where the sandwiches etc were already set. Well, of course if you sit Mom down in front of a plate, she figures it's time to eat. There was a speaker who wanted to say a few words first, so she nibbled a couple chips, not very quietly, and we held hands for a bit. Thankfully, his words were few so she could get back to the task at hand! She needed a bit of help cutting up a rather large sandwich, and she has become unsure of which utensil to eat with lately. She started in with a knife for her cheesecake and Chad on one side and Chris on the other whispered, "Get her her fork" simultaneously as I reached for it. So, obviously, everybody is on red alert when we're out and about, but Mom did ok. Dad's stress ifsmounting however. Taking her out really puts him into a spin. He tries to avoid it as much as possible. Pictures of this event will be forthcoming.

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