Monday, November 24, 2008

the Nutcracker

Tis the season for "The Nutcracker." Devri played a parent at the party, a devious mouse, a lovely dancing snowflake, and was also a very pouffy pink carnation or something like it in "Dance of the Flowers." Mom and Dad came up for her performance in Pittsburg and again, Mom did ok. She was attentive during the entire performance, clapped appropriately, and leaned over to ask, "Is that Devri?" and "Is that Patrick?" (Anytime she speaks, it's a golden day.) Afterwards, however, when it was time to meet and greet, I had a dickens of a time keeping her under my wing. In times past she would stand where you asked her to and stay there---not anymore. She doesn't come to you when told always, either. She took off multiple times when I would let loose of her arm for a second to take a photo. Then I'd have to say, "Hold that pose" and run and get her by the arm and bring her back. Chad took her on out to the car, so I could keep taking photos, and said she had a bit of trouble on the many steps down from the auditorium. He said she almost fell once, which made him very nervous, but he kept a good hold and got her out to the car in fine shape. The main point was that she attentively watched the performance, looked and found Devri, and followed her around the stage with her eyes. That was good. Devri really wanted Mom and Dad both there, so it meant a lot to her to see them. Photos also forthcoming for this entry.

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