Monday, November 24, 2008

status on the dog

We have found a border collie for Dad, a six-week-old female from a Mennonite family east of Carthage. The Mennonites are known for being hard workers, as Allen said, so hopefully this character trait will have passed down to the dog! She comes from working parents--the father is a short-haired version and the mother a long-haired one. I didn't know they came in the short-haired variety, but I hope that this pup will have that trait! Cuckle burs and stick-tights are a real problem for Sadie. So far, this pup is just a bundle of fuzz, so who knows. We'll pick her up in two weeks and then Dad will have company in the truck when he goes to check the cows, and probably she will find a warm, snuggley place in his coveralls when the weather gets colder. Hopefully in the spring she will be old enough for Sadie to show her the ropes. Dad is looking forward to the new addition and I hope it will be a diversion of some sort for him. As he says, he's knitting booties.

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