Saturday, November 8, 2008

waving at Loretta

I took Mom to my house again for the afternoon, thinking I'd get something done and hoping I could convince her to take a nap on my shift. She laid down with me and watched some t.v. in my bed for about four minutes and she was up and out the door. So, I tried to get some sanding done on my kitchen cabinets, (the 1.5 year renovation continues.) I gave her a piece of steel wool to sand some drawer fronts after their first coat of stain. This kept her busy 5 minutes, then out she was again. In short I accomplished very little, except what I was supposed to accomplish and that was to give Dad a break. I guess it was a successful day in that regard.

I called Dad on the way home and asked if he needed anything from Wal-Mart before I went home. Nope. A couple minutes later Mom said, "milk." So, I called again and asked him to check out the milk situation---yes, she was right, they were low on milk. It's easier to go to Braum's than Wal-Mart for milk. So, a jug of milk, two gallons of ice cream, and three hamburgers later, and we were on our way. While we were at Braum's Mom began to wave to someone as hard and fast as she could. I turned to see an old friend, Loretta Taylor, smiling and waving as hard and fast as she could, as well. We've known the Taylors forever and if Mom still had her ability to make conversation, no doubt she and Loretta would have been in Braum's talking for the next hour and a half. Word has no doubt traveled through the grapevine that talking isn't something Mom does anymore, so Loretta left it at a smile and wave and went on. There was a lot of fun-loving communication in that waving, though. Loretta looks exactly as she did 30 years ago...she still sports her "Baptist Bouffont" hair---still brown, (but probably with help), the reddest lipstick money can buy, and the brightest smile and energetic personality to go with it. Her face and eyes shot Mom a beam of fun and friendship that could have killed any man who happened to step between them. I thought about her on the way home and was a little teary thinking of all the long and heartfilled friendships Mom and Dad have throughout the Stella area. They have been very blessed to meet so many truly good and generous people, and I am thankful. It makes me think the world isn't all bad. If I'm ever in Mom's condition, I hopeI will have a friend to shoot a million dollar smile and big wave across the room to me!

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JOEL said...

every so often i trade emails with Judy (Taylor)...

after lots of years, after Matt Edmonds' suicide, several classmates started emailing back and forth.

for once, I joined in. It's sort of a new thing.

It's fun to read about Loretta. I hope she lives about a hundred more years.